Statement Necklaces: “ROYAL REMEDY”



Statement Necklaces: “ROYAL REMEDY”

You don’t have to be royalty to have a remedy like this one…

People really adore this frabjous necklace…their eyes fill with wonder and they seem hypnotized by it’s beauty. I love that…that is what making art is all about…I can make beautiful things that make people smile…that is a good thing.

I had this pair of shoes that I loved, but that I never wore…they happened to have the coolest lace/rhinestone clips on the tops of them…this necklace was conceived from those lace/rhinestone clips and it evolved into a vintage masterpiece.

This jaw dropping necklace is made from lace, Swarovski rhinestones, a gold elephant (for good luck), an antique beaded crown, a huge antique mother of pearl button, etc. It is filled with gorgeous color and symmetry.

I measured this necklace, on my neck, and I measured it from the back of my neck to the bottom of the necklace and it is approximately 14 inches long; please keep in mind that these are only approximate measurements, it could be longer, or shorter depending on how the necklace is measured and whose neck it is measured on.

The hanging piece is approximately 7 1/2 inches long; it is approximately 4 inches wide, measured from the widest part of the hanging piece. The necklace piece is approximately 6 inches wide, but again it would vary according to whether or not it was on, or off a real person, or due to the size of the neck, etc.

All of my wearable art pieces are limited editions/one of a kind and they are each signed.

When you purchase this necklace you are purchasing a piece of art to add to your collection, not just merely another necklace…keep that in mind and take the plunge.


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