Statement Necklaces: “RHINESTONE COWBOY”



Statement Necklaces: “Rhinestone Cowboy”

Handmade Vintage Rhinestone Coro Monet Long Assemblage Butterfly Statement Necklace.

It’s doubtful that you’ll see John Travolta wearing this anytime soon, but you can look like a movie star wearing this statement necklace anywhere you go!

This is a gorgeous, vintage, rhinestone choker necklace that I created…it is made from a collectible vintage signed Coro rhinestone choker, a stunning, signed Coro rhinestone butterfly, various Monet signed collectible rhinestone jewelry pieces, and an antique gold/sterling silver watch body.

This wearable art choker is approximately 14 inches long (measured from the top of the necklace down to the bottom of the neck piece; it is made for a smaller neck), it is approximately 3 inches wide (measured from the widest part of the neck piece).


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