Statement Necklaces: “PHANTOM OF THE OPERA”



Statement Necklaces: “PHANTOM OF THE OPERA”

This an exclusive limited edition, gorgeous, one of a kind, big, bold, vintage, assemblage, wearable art, statement necklace.

No two are ever alike!

It would be perfect for Halloween, or for anywhere you are looking to make a statement!

I created this avant-garde necklace using collectible vintage pieces, such as: a Givenchy signed piece and various other signed pieces, sterling silver, amethyst beads, and Swarovski crystal rhinestones. It is hand painted and signed by me.

This unconventional, wearable art necklace is approximately 15 inches long (measured from the top of the necklace down to the bottom of the neck piece), it is approximately 7 1/2 inches wide (measured from the widest part of the neck piece).

So, fan your inner phantom flames…you are certain to be a show stopper with this around your neck!


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