Statement Necklaces: “OZ”



Statement Necklaces: “OZ”

Oz is an interesting place to be…it’s full of amazing characters. I created this avant-garde, wearable art choker as an homage to them.

This colorful, unconventional, statement necklace is a cornucopia of bright, ornate vintage pieces…

In honor of the Lion- it takes a bold, courageous spirit to actually wear this stunning creation, in honor of the Tin Man-I created this choker with all of my heart and soul, in honor of Dorothy-I envisioned the mirror being the reflection of the home that Dorothy so desperately fought to get back to…the idea being that you are your home…and it is reflected as such…and each of the colors that I chose are also in honor of the characters…I utilized lots of silver/mirror, lots of blues and oranges, etc.

I created this exclusive, limited edition, choker out of mirror, Argentinian hand blown glass, crystals, Swarovski rhinestones, a vintage gold leaf, an antique watch face, an antique onyx/Swarovski rhinestoned pin, and other various vintage pieces, and a super soft fleece necklace lining around an antique gold metal necklace.

This choker is approximately 14 inches long (measured from the top of the necklace down to the bottom of the neck piece, it is approximately 5 inches wide (measured from the widest part of the neck piece).

So, what are you waiting for? Just click your heels three times, click that button, and it’s yours!

All of my wearable art pieces are limited editions/one of a kind and they are each signed.


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