Statement Necklaces: “METAMORPHOSIS”



Statement Necklaces: “METAMORPHOSIS”

I created this wearable art necklace with a sterling silver choker; it is adorned with square cut opal gemstones, and tropical palm tree sequins and has been meticulously hand painted in bright neon pink, chartreuse and black tones.

This jaw dropping, assemblage, statement necklace is made from various vintage/antique pieces such as: a collectible, signed abalone butterfly, a vintage rhinestone necklace and a vintage opalescent belt affixed with antique Swarovski rhinestone buttons. The base of the statement choker necklace is a big, brilliant abalone shell with a rhino seated on top of it; smothered in rhinestones.

The necklace is approximately 23 inches long (measured from the top of the necklace down to the bottom of the neck piece); it is approximately 5 inches wide (measured from the widest part of the neck).

There is absolutely no competition here…this exclusive, contemporary, wearable art necklace stands alone…let it take you all the way.

All of my wearable art pieces are limited editions/one of a kind and they are each signed.


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