Statement Necklaces: “MERMAID”



Statement Necklaces: “MERMAID”

You will feel like a fish out of water in this necklace.

This is a beautiful statement choker that I meticulously hand painted in an impressionistic style. This creation is a pearl necklace painted with brilliant purple, chartreuse, tangerine, turquoise and pink hues. It is made with abalone, amethyst, Swarovski rhinestones, an opalescent gemstone, sterling silver and various collectible, vintage pieces.

The necklace is approximately 13″ long, but please keep in mind that these are approximate measurements only; they will vary according to how it is placed, etc.

So put this divine, statement necklace on and splash around in it’s decadence for years to come!

All of my wearable art pieces are limited editions/one of a kind and they are each signed.


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