Statement Necklaces: “BULLET PROOF”



Statement Necklaces: “BULLET PROOF”

This unabashed, captivating, statement choker necklace goes where most fear to tread. It is striking, seductive and it makes no apologies for the stimulation it evokes effortlessly.

This is an assemblage choker that I created from a vintage, gold, chain link belt; the vintage gold, chain links blend with a plethora of black and white rhinestones that cascade like a cool waterfall down the back of the neck.

It is made with Swarovski rhinestones, a sterling silver spike, a collectible, antique, gold cross and other various vintage pieces.

This statement necklace is approximately 15 inches in length; the gold chain links/black/white rhinestone chain that hangs down the neck is approximately 22 inches long. The hanging piece of the necklace is approximately 9 inches in length and the width, from the widest part of the necklace, is approximately 3 inches across.

So be bullet proof; let nothing stop you.

All of my wearable art pieces are limited editions/one of a kind and they are each signed.


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