Learn To Set Boundaries

Do you have boundaries?  Do you know what boundaries are?  Do you believe that you should respect yourself enough to set boundaries?

Setting boundaries for yourself simply means that you love yourself enough to state what you need; explaining what does and does not work for you.

If you are unhealthy then you do not know how to draw those lines for yourself.  If someone else in your life is unhealthy, then they cannot observe your boundaries.

Learn to respect yourself enough, learn to love yourself enough, to get comfortable standing up for yourself and drawing lines that others should and will respect.  And if they are not willing to observe and obey your boundaries, then you can chose to continue with them, or move on.

Having the courage to state what you need for yourself isn’t always easy, but going the distance to build the healthiest foundation for yourself possible is priceless.

Be good to yourself,


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