The greatest artists are the ones who stay true to themselves; they don’t compromise their visions.

Staying true to yourself as an artist, means believing wholeheartedly in the value of your creations and unwavering in the dedication to birth them; no matter what anyone tells you about them. Being different takes courage and strength; it is not for the faint of heart. Fitting into this world is not an easy task, especially when despite your best efforts, you don’t seem to at all.

And in the end isn’t that what makes art so brilliant? The irony of the beauty of art is that it shouldn’t fit in…it isn’t meant to.
Fitting into nice little pretty, evenly square boxes is not what great artists do, because it goes against the very nature of their being.

Sometimes it can be a painful journey, but believe me it will be worth it to you in the end to stay true to yourself and not conform to everyone else’s ideas about who you actually are.

Artists are here to inspire, to make the world a more beautiful place and to put into motion the force of God…which is creation.

Be the greatest artist that you can be. Be bold. Be daring. Be provocative. Be willing to stand in the face of people who come against you, because they will be there; they will always be there.

The faith that you have in yourself is beyond any force that can stop you.

Embrace yourself as an artist. Take care of yourself as an artist. Challenge yourself as an artist. Stand up for yourself as an artist. Push forward as an artist. Surround yourself with other inspiring artists. Envision yourself as being the most successful artist.

And stay true to yourself as an artist. Create with all your might and go for the gold.


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