You have to be willing to succeed at being an artist. If you sit around all day pontificating to other people about how you want to do this and you want to do that, but you never actually do anything about it, then you are not really pursuing your artistry. If you parrot out negative statements about your art to yourself and nearly every person that you come in contact with, but then you try and cover it up with what I call: “The Positive Bullshit Bandaids,” i.e. “I attract everything wonderful to myself, in the universe,” then you are radically canceling out magnetizing in anything positive for your artistry.

Also, you have to get really smart about who you are listening to…people love to plant their small thinking seeds in your head, not because most people are trying to deliberately be assholes, but merely because they doubt it about themselves and so they plant the limited/lack seeds into your head. But, ONLY if you let them!!! You have the choice to succeed at anything in the world that you want to. That’s the truth. So, if you are bold enough to believe in yourself and you are bold enough to work at pursuing your art; eating it, drinking it, speaking it & loving on it all of the time, then you have no choice but to succeed at being an artist!

Yours in love and light,


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