You have to be careful and wise about who you share your ideas with. Make sure that the person/people that you are sharing your brilliant ideas with are the right ones; the ones who will cheer you on, the ones who will give you positive reinforcement, the ones who give you feedback, but only feedback that is constructive and still positive and uplifting. We are all composed of energy, as is the universe, so if you decide to run around the town sharing your idea/ideas with every Joe Blow on the street and they don’t support your vision, then they in turn will diffuse your ideas with that negative energy and then you have just let some of the air out of your brilliant, beautiful balloon.

If you have to answer to someone, then of course you have to get down and dirty and spill the beans about your creative vision, but be pretty damn sure that you are smart about how much information you give them; just enough to perhaps ease their mind. Visionaries may come up against nay saying, but that cannot stop you…it can never stop you! The key to managing genius is knowing what you may come up against and being strong enough to roll forward, no matter what; to see that idea through and be willing to protect it with the ferocity of a lion.

Be bold, be wise…

Yours in love and light,


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